More Party Fun To Come!

waltz_brewing_collage_3THANK YOU, Everyone who came out on Saturday night to WALTZ BREWING
in Forest Grove!
Really appreciate you being there and we enjoyed playing some music for you!

We are working on our calendar right now and will have some information about upcoming shows very soon! Check back for the updates!

Kirk and Don, The Coin Club

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1 Response to More Party Fun To Come!

  1. Judy says:

    Jan. 30 At Waltz was awesome. You guys sound better than ever! Loved it when you had a guest singer -Gwen- join you on the classic tune “Sway.” Nice surprise…
    So many folks enjoying your music!
    When are you going to do a John Stewart song? He is pure Americana. Try “Freeway Pleasure” or “Friend of Jesus.” Fits your style and very meaningful.
    See you again soon!
    Big Fan,


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